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Asbestos & Lead Management

All ETS professionals involved with Asbestos and Lead are Certified by Cal/OSHA and CDPH after having completed the Federal and State mandated EPA/AHERA training as Inspectors, Contractor Supervisors, Management Planners and Project Designers. All personnel are kept informed of the latest developments in the Industry through participation in annual refresher courses and other seminars.

The full scope of ETS’s Asbestos and Lead services include:

  • Preliminary Site Surveys to determine the existence of Asbestos and Lead;
  • Risk Assessment and Recommendation based on Federal OSHA and Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines for Lead and EPA/OSHA regulations for Asbestos;
  • Explain alternative methods for managing asbestos and lead in-place, if possible;
  • Developing and implementing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Programs.
  • Budgetary Planning;
  • Customized Abatement Specifications, Bid Package Preparation and Contractor Selection Assistance;
  • Abatement Management, including pre and post-abatement Air Quality Monitoring;
  • 20% of all samples analyzed in the field are sent to an independent laboratory for third party re-analysis and confirmation;
  • Final Project Documentation and Area Release Certifications.


Due to the extended latency period of asbestos related disease(s), and as required by law,

All asbestos project documents are maintained for a period of thirty (30) years.

Additionally, we advise all of our clients that they should maintain reports of asbestos related work independently.